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7 Green Technologies That Can Help Save Our Planet

Green technologies employ environmental science for conservation. Basic green technologies include recycling, water purification, air purification, sewage treatment, waste management, renewable energy, and energy conservation ...

Green technologies utilize environmental science for conservation. There are some very basic green technologies, such as recycling, water purification, air purification, sewage treatment, waste management, renewable energy, and energy conservation.

Recycling is one of the most popular green technologies used around the planet. Recycling is the reuse of materials that can be salvaged and reprocessed, instead of being discarded. Many paper, metal, and plastic items are recycled daily around the world. Cartons, boxes, bottles, cans, jugs, and jars are just some of the hundreds of types of materials suitable for recycling.

Removing water impurities is one of the most important green technologies. Whether it is the manufacture and distribution of water purification products to mount on your faucet at home or developing treatment systems for entire cities and towns, water purification is an important and vital green technology. Clean water is vital for a healthy earth and healthy humankind. A significant number of today’s most virulent diseases are spread by water impurities.

Green technologies can be used to improve air quality. Reforestation is an ongoing effort to continue to plant trees, which are so vital to clean air and the health of the planet and all living organisms. Removing sources of contamination from carpeting and furniture, to building materials and paint, can purify indoor air.

Wastewater treatment is a procedure where green technologies are used to facilitate the natural process of water purification. The primary stage of wastewater treatment allows solids to settle and be directly removed from the water, while the secondary stage involves treatment of the water with a biological process that uses its own bacteria. Green technologies support the use of ultraviolet light or ozone instead of using chlorine in the water purification process.

Green technologies employ the four R’s when it comes to waste management. Those are, recycle, reuse, reduce, and recover. Simply put, in reference to waste management, the strongest green initiative is to reduce the amount of waste that humans create. We can achieve this by recycling as much as we possibly can, reusing items or containers rather than discarding them, and recovering as much from our waste as possible.

Renewable energy is without a doubt one of the most researched green technologies. Using solar power, wind power, hydroelectric and other sources of renewable energy, we lessen our need to rely on fossil fuels and conserve the earth’s vital natural resources. One of the fundamental premises of renewable energy is that its sources cannot be depleted and its implementation is eco-friendly.

Energy conservation technology employs methodology to reduce the amount of energy we use to do almost anything from washing our clothes to lighting our homes. This is one of the vastest of the green technologies because of how it affects almost every facet of our lives. There is a means available to conserve or reduce the amount of energy we use to do almost everything. Energy conservation technology, like renewable energy technology, is evolving everyday in its efforts to minimize the environmental impact of energy consumption.

Above, we have outlined some of the most basic green technologies. Their process and application to their particular fields are many and detailed. The function of green technologies in our lives becomes more and more important as we strive to reduce the impact of human beings on the planet and its natural resources.

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