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Go Green At Home

Green HomeIf you want to live green, there is no better place to start than in your own home.  You can begin by taking a green living audit.  Doing this is a simple process that will reveal to you just how much change you can make at home to increase green living.

Start off by listing everything in your home or related to it that has an environmental impact. You will want to include things like energy use, water conservation, waste disposal, chemical exposure, diet, and more.  If you think that you are forgetting something, check ideas online and you might find a few more interesting suggestions.

Now, divide your list up by these areas of consideration.  Make a pro and con column for every category.  In the pro column, list the specific actions you are taking that reflect green living under that category.  In the con column, list the actions you are engaging in that reflect a negative environmental impact.

Next, create a list of suggestions of processes you can undertake for each category that will reduce your negative impact and increase your positive affect.  Take action on your suggestions and improve your green living at home.

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