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Green WorkIt is vital that businesses step up and apply green concepts to the operation of their enterprises.  There are many ways this can be done.  A good example of bringing green concepts to your business is to encourage workers to bicycle to and from their place of employment, use public transportation, or car pool.  It is a good idea to turn off computers, lights and business machines when not in use.  Consume paper sparingly, and when you do, use recycled paper and ink cartridges.  Make sure that there are plenty of recycling receptacles around for plastics, paper, etc. 

Businesses can contribute to a greener environment by encouraging conference calling and online meetings as opposed to travel.  Providing employees with reusable drinking glasses or mugs, rather than disposable cups creates waste reduction.  Create a suggestion box where employees can submit ideas on how the company can better manage green resources and reduce unnecessary consumption.  Often, the implementation of such green conservation practices affects the corporate bottom line by reducing costs.

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