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Green Gifts - Green Gift Giving And Green Gift Ideas

The act of green gift giving confirms your commitment to being environmentally conscious while also supposing that your gift recipient is caring and thoughtful when it comes to environmental concerns ...

Green Gift Giving

Let's talk about green gifts for a moment ...

Next time you give someone a present, consider green gift giving. A green present makes a statement in several ways. It reaffirms your commitment to being environmentally conscious while supposing that your gift recipient is caring, thoughtful and considerate when it comes to environmental concerns, as well. In this way, the act of giving becomes even more complimentary than it otherwise might be.

When gift shopping, forgo the usual suspects and concentrate on things that are organically produced, like handcrafted soaps or candles. These days, even organic cosmetics are available to gift givers. Holiday and special event greeting cards made of recycled materials can be bought almost anywhere. Give a cloth grocery tote or shopping bag to help reduce the use of non-biodegradable plastics. Refillable sport bottles made from post-consumer materials help to cut down on the glut of plastic from bottled water. Give clothing made from organic materials like cotton or hemp as a green gift.

Consider giving unusual presents as a green gift. Cook dinner for a loved one or a family. Give the gift of your time or offer to a run an errand or do a chore. Take a grandparent or an elderly relative who does not get out often to the park or the beach for a day. Make a green gift of planting a garden for someone. Give flowers grown organically or herbs from your garden instead of buying something from a floral retailer.

A green gift can be something you crafted with your own two hands. Give a nature lover a hand made bird feeder, build a bird house or bat house. Carve something, paint something, sculpt something from clay. A creative personal green gift shows that you care about the earth and the recipient of your gift.

If you are gift shopping for the handy homeowner, give them plans or blueprints for renewable energy projects or a gift card to buy green building and repair materials.

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Green Gift Giving - The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

A green gift can be found almost anywhere and can be as imaginative as you like. The key to green gift giving is to remember that, whatever you do, you want to give something that in some way helps to reduce the environmental impact made by other sorts of gift giving. This is a pretty easy concept to understand, but you might still have some difficulty in coming up with ideas.

Fortunately, the Internet can help you discover all types of resources for green gift giving. Just go to your favorite search engine and enter your key words.

For example:

  • Gifts made from old junk
  • Safe green toys for children
  • Gifts for eco-wine enthusiasts
  • Green home gifts
  • Gifts made from recycled materials
  • Handmade gifts
  • Green gourmet gifts
  • DIY green gifts
  • Stylish green clothes
  • Green office outfit gifts
  • Green book titles
  • Sustainable gear for pets
  • Nontoxic treats for dogs and cats
  • Eco-friendly fashion accessories
  • Sustainable gifts under $20
  • Gifts that benefit wildlife
  • Gifts that benefit people in Africa
  • Charitable gifts
  • Green Christmas gift ideas
  • Gift ideas for lovers of the great outdoors
  • Gift ideas for hikers, bikers, etc ...
  • Green gifts for a small budget
  • Green gifts for gardeners
  • Green gifts for car lovers
  • Green gifts for adventurers
  • Organic treats
  • Kitchenware gifts for green gourmets
  • Ridiculous green gifts
  • Cheap green gifts
  • Relaxed organic clothing for her
  • Environmentally-friendly gadgets for guys
  • Recycled plastic gifts
  • Organic chocolate gifts
  • Biodegradable gifts
  • Fair trade coffee gift ideas
  • Ecofriendly stationery gift ideas
  • Recycled gift ideas
  • Green gift ideas
  • Green valentine gift ideas
  • Green mother's day gifts
  • etc ...

You will be rewarded with hundreds of search results, filled with great products and inspired ideas for giving environmentally conscious gifts. Many of the gifts you find will be presents that you can purchase with the click of a mouse button, while some of the gifts you find will be items you can create, cultivate, or grow on your own. Perhaps, you’ll decide to purchase a chicken or a cow to a community in need or village in another part of the world in the name of the person of your choice, through an organization like Heifer International. You can also do something like plant a tree or help save part of a rainforest.

Whatever green gift you decide to give will be a special gift for the person receiving it and the planet we all live on.

Fair Trade Gifts - A Rewarding Gift For All

If you want to give a rewarding gift, give a Fair Trade gift.  Fair trade gifts are not only beneficial to the providers and recipients, but they are a sort of gift to the producers, as well.  The idea of Fair trade is to level the playing field for developing nations and the producers of products from those nations.  Commonly poor, producers and growers from emerging nations have gotten a bad deal in the international marketplace for a long time.  The concept of Fair Trade attempts to rectify this injustice by guaranteeing that the producers of Fair Trade products receive an equitable payment for their goods.  So, when you purchase Fair Trade gifts, it is like giving all around.

Fair trade gifts are not just some canvass handbags and glued together Popsicle sticks.  Fair trade gifts cover a wide variety of items from all over the world.  The recipients of these gifts will be as happy, if not more so, with their quality and craftsmanship than any gift you could give.  You can give fair trade vodka or Chardonnay, clothing that doesn’t fit like a burlap sack, handcrafted wallets and purses, and toys for kids.

Fair trade gifts are made by artisans whose processes and techniques are steeped in generations of tradition.  By purchasing such items, you are guaranteeing that these wonderful traditions will not be lost to the world in lieu of mass production and the corporate bottom line.  Many creators of such items come from a long practice of respect for the earth and its resources and use green sustainable processes and techniques in their production.

You can give handmade jewelry of silver wire from craftspeople in Bali, quilts from India, ceramics from Tunisia, and wooden masks all the way from Ghana.  Your good taste and consideration are reflected in the Fair Trade gifts you choose.  When you give someone a Fair Trade product as a gift, you are giving them the gift of community.

We are all a part of the human community and it should be incumbent upon us to protect the rights of people everywhere.  Fair Trade gift giving ensures that the people who make these fine items can earn a livelihood from their life’s work.  They can feed their families, grow and prosper, and in return aid in the growth and development of communities everywhere.  By purchasing more Fair Trade products, we help to guarantee that in the future Fair Trade will be an obligation in the marketplace, rather than an option.

How much better a gift can you give to someone than the gift of purchasing a Fair Trade product for them?  When you give your Fair Trade gifts, don’t forget to give the gift of the Fair Trade story as well.  There are many Fair Trade sites on the Internet that will provide you with the background and history of the craftspeople/growers who produced your Fair Trade gifts.  People will appreciate knowing the story behind their gift, and the consideration and contemplation you went through in choosing Fair Trade gifts as presents for them. 


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