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Using Green Marketing To Grow Your Business

In this article, we examine the rising trend in using green marketing to grow a more profitable business.

A small business can be green (that is, eco friendly) in a number of different ways. You can be green through your business practices, products, production process, business tools and office building; by integrating eco friendly practices into your business activities, using reusable and recycled packaging, using eco production process if you produce or manufacture goods or products, using energy-efficient computers, vehicles and electronics, and setting up renewable heating and cooling energy systems etc in the workplace.

You can actually use all these and more to reduce the impact of doing business on the environment and become very eco aware or green.

To make money as a small business you may normally use conventional marketing methods to get to your targets. If you wish to use green marketing, however, you will need to understand what green business marketing is and how to use it effectively to achieve your desired objective.

Green marketing is the act of being green and using that fact as a marketing strategy for promoting your products or services.

Before you can sell, you will need to choose a niche and end users to sell to. You will need to know your targets’ problems and the solutions to them, what they want/or need and the values your competitors are giving them. You will use these to create an edge for your business and clearly define the core values you will offer your targets to make money. Defining your business core values is critical to the success of your green marketing.

Your core values are what your targets will pay for even if you are not green. For example, if you are a web host, you must provide reliable and affordable web hosting, If you sell cars, you must supply your end users with the specific car model, color, engine type, price etc they may want. In other words, your end users must get the fundamental thing they want in your service/product in addition to the added value that you are green, if you want to make the sale.

Your first step to profiting with green marketing is to get educated. Know what being green is, join online green communities and so on. Become informed. To give an indication that your business is truly green, you should get certified. It does not have to be complicated; it could be as simple as taking a course on some eco issues. You will need to do this so you can use the certification’s eco/green labels or logos on your product, website and/or service. You should also apply whatever you learnt into your business practices.

You will need to group your end users as green and non-green targets and promote on green ad media in addition to the usual ad media and also use messages (ads and content) that emphasize your core values and the fact that you are green. You should do it in this manner so you can easily track how much you are making through each target group. If the potential prospects for your business are just green end users, then you should use only the media that will reach them.

Small business green marketing is a combination of conventional marketing and being green, you can use it too, for more sales.

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