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Martin Aranovitch and Byron Dixon run a number of online portals that aim to connect Green Businesses with Green Consumers while providing information about green living and sustainability designed to educate people on ways to go green, save money and help the planet.

Some of the sites in our Green Network include:

BigGreenWeb.com - Green Business Directory - BigGreenWeb.com is an online green products and services directory featuring a comprehensive range of green business product and service categories.

List your green products or services on BigGreenWeb.com and gain increased online exposure for your business ... or just claim keywords related to your business or website and get a link back to your site, blog or e-commerce store as a BigGreenWeb.com Sponsor.

GreenLivingArticleDirectory.com - Have you written articles about green living, sustainable living, eco living, or information, tips, facts, product or service reviews about a range of green, natural, organic or environmental topics and want to get them published online?

In addition to reaching an audience of web visitors who are specifically looking for information on green related topics, your articles will also appear on various other locations on the web, including RSS feed directories, related blogs and websites and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, providing you with even greater exposure online.

Green Living Article Directory .com welcomes new authors and article publishers. Simply register a new author account and begin posting your articles. Go here for more details: Green Living Article Directory.

FreeTipsForGoingGreen.com - Get FREE tips on ways to go green, save money and help the planet.

Our green tips cover a wide range of topics from the basics to advanced, with useful links to resources for more information. So, no matter what your level of 'green awareness', there's plenty of useful tips and information for everyone.

Whether at home or work, or purely going about your everyday life, by implementing our green tips, you'll be doing your part to conserve our precious planet for the benefit of all. Not only that, but you'll save yourself money and live a happier and healthier lifestyle as well.

EarthHuddle.com - EarthHuddle.com is an online community for sustainable living. It is free to join and members can learn, participate and contribute to the growth of the community via forum discussions, blog articles, sharing videos, uploading pictures to the image gallery, polls, quizzes, live chat and more.

You can also view details about sustainable and environmental events happening at the local, national or global level, search for green, eco-friendly, organic and sustainable products and services on our green business directory, and so much more! Click here for more details ... 

We also publish "Going Green And Saving Green" - an in-depth guide with more than 119 tips, techniques and money-saving green solutions, plus contribute articles on a number of blogs, article directories and other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

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